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For the safety of our community, a 15 mile-per-hour speed limit should be followed at all times.

Although our paved surfaces are about 20 feet wide, they are constructed within a 50-foot right of way owned by the Community.  Therefore, any homeowner wishing to permanently alter the front of his or her property should be sure to establish the lot’s front line before proceeding.  We strongly advise hiring a licensed surveyor for this task.

Land Bordering the Lake
The community owns a strip of the shore land bordering the entire lake.  The amount of shore land belonging to the community varies from 10 feet to as much as 45 feet.  Therefore, all lakeside homeowners should contact the Board of Directors before doing any permanent work (removing trees, building a dock, fencing the property, etc.) that might impact on community property.
The Lake Waubeeka Association owns approximately 550 acres of woodlands surrounding our community.  Please refer to the enclosed map for further details.  This property is for use by all Waubeekans, and is not to be built upon.  A nature trail begins across from the dam on Carol Street.  Its entrance is marked by boulders and a chain.  At present, a committee is planning to update the trail with appropriate informational markers.
Community House
Located at the north end of Post Road, the Community House is used for meetings, entertainment, and social purposes.  Questions concerning its use by individual homeowners should be addressed to the Board of Directors.
Athletic Fields
All our athletic facilities (tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, baseball, and track) are open to the community.  However, since there are homes adjacent to these athletic fields, we request that loud sports activities not begin before 9 a.m.  You are welcome to use the community-owned sports equipment, which can be found in a storage box alongside the shuffleboard court.
The Lake
Two beaches border the lake:  one at the intersection of Post Road and Carol Street, and the other at the foot of Paul Street.  The quality of the lake’s water is regularly monitored.  Unless otherwise noted, lifeguards are not provided by the Association.

In addition to swimming, the lake is used for fishing and boating.  No powerboats are permitted on the lake.  Boats must be hand, foot or wind-powered.  Boats may be left near the swimming beaches, but as a safety precaution we ask you to take your oars home with you.

The Environment
Most of the homes in our community border the lake or are set above it.  This means that many things we do in our own backyards have residual effects upon the lake.  Fertilizer run-off, leaks from septic systems, petroleum contaminants, phosphates, and misused household products end up in the lake.  Please remember that the ecology of our lake is fragile, and depends upon our community’s vigilance.
The managing body of the Lake Waubeeka community is its eleven-member Board of Directors.  Any homeowner in good standing is eligible to stand for election to the Board.  Elections are held at the annual Lake Waubeeka Association meeting, which takes place on the fourth Saturday in July.

Board meetings are held each month in the board room located at the back of the Community House.  Meetings are open to all homeowners.  For exact date and time of meetings, please contact the Board President or Secretary.

Each May a community meeting is held to adopt the annual budget for the new fiscal year, which begins June 1st.  The pro-rata charges adopted at this meeting become a charge against all homeowners.  Payment is usually payable in two installments:  June 1 and September 1 respectively.  Bills are mailed to homeowners.  If, for any reason, a bill does not reach you in June, it remains your responsibility to pay your assessment on time, or interest will be charged as stated in our By-Laws.

If you plan to construct an addition to your house or build any kind of permanent structure (including a fence), please contact the Board of Directors to check on your rights and responsibilities under the covenants and by-laws of the Lake Waubeeka Association.  A variance from the City of Danbury may be necessary.  A work permit from the Building Department is essential.